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Kavanaugh: Guilty or innocent, his performance demonstrated his unfitness for the office




Janice Turner (Sep 29) quotes her husband’s reaction to Kavanaugh’s opening statement as “this is just how a wrongly accused man would speak”.  That maybe so, but not from a nominee for the highest judicial office where, as your diplomatic correspondent notes (Sep 29) he would have “a lifetime power to help shape all aspects of American life”


One might expect a degree of fiercely expressed moral indignation, but nevertheless delivered with dignity and gravitas, restraint, with balance and detachment. In a self-written statement, one would also assume some judiciously, prudently chosen words, a logical sequence, in a persuasive and rational account, displaying high intellectual ability.


Instead, we heard a malicious, repetitive, crude rant, in uncontrolled outrage, lacking in erudition, devoid of sophistication, involving an attack on the Constitutional institutions he would be required to defend, all venomously spat out to the Senators.


Whether Kavanaugh is guilty or innocent of sexual assault, his performance in delivering his opening statement clearly demonstrated that he is unfit for a seat on the Supreme Court. His emotional fragility, the uncontrolled outrage, the over politicization, and the paucity of cerebral content, ought to raise eyebrows. A presentation like that from any of our UK Supreme Court Judges would be inconceivable: it would destroy all confidence in our Judiciary - as it should in the USA.




Paul Randolph

Mediation Course Leader, Regent’s University School of Psychology and Psychotherapy


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