Mediation Fees

Paul is conversant with the needs of his professional as well as his lay clients and will be happy to discuss the needs and constraints of each case individually.

Mediation Fees

As a guideline, the cost of the mediation will be governed either by the amount of time estimated for the actual mediation, together with reading or preparation time; or alternatively by the value of the claim, whether in purely monetary terms, or in terms of the importance to the parties.


A full day's mediation will normally consist of 8 hours and the fee will usually include up to 4 hours of reading/preparation.


Fees are normally payable by each party equally, unless otherwise agreed, and will usually be expected in advance of the start of the mediation.


There are some occasions when a case has no clear monetary value but is none the less important to the parties. In such cases a fee will be agreed according to the complexity of the dispute and all other relevant factors.


Legal Aid will be available for mediations in all Civil cases which come within the category of cases where funding assistance is permitted.


Venue Available: My Chambers at Field Court are able to offer excellent 'neutral' mediation facilities in Gray's Inn or close by.


To agree a fee or receive a quote, please contact Paul directly or his Clerks


For a copy of a pro forma of Paul's standard Pre-Mediation Agreement, please email: