Paul, both by himself and through his Chambers, is able to provide a comprehensive mediation service to all parties in dispute. This ranges from informing parties about the mediation process and its benefits so as to 'get them to the table', as well as easing their path through the process to

a satisfactory settlement.

Pre-mediation Services

Paul Randolph's approach in mediation is that it is an essential part of the mediator's role to assist the parties in coming to mediation at the outset. This often involves a protracted communication process in which he will seeks through telephone calls, emails, or even meetings, to persuade a reluctant or hesitant party to 'come to the table'.


He is therefore quite happy to contact one or other party, and try to address any concerns that party may have. This may involve a mini mediation process, where, without any charge or fee, he will shuttle back and forth between the parties seeking to remove any obstacles that seem to be preventing them from entering into the mediation process.


Prior to the mediation, and once the terms as to date, venue, and fees are agreed, Paul will send out a Pre-Mediation Agreement for each party to sign and return to him.


For a copy of Paul's standard Agreement setting out Terms and Conditions please e-mail: