Paul, both by himself and through his Chambers, is able to provide a comprehensive mediation service to all parties in dispute. This ranges from informing parties about the mediation process and its benefits so as to 'get them to the table', as well as easing their path through the process to a satisfactory settlement.


Paul is rapidly becoming one of the most in-demand speakers on mediation and in particular on the psychology of conflict. He has given presentations on all aspects of Mediation at conferences in the UK, Europe and Asia to a wide variety of professional and non-professional audiences.

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Psychological Approach

Many of those dealing with disputes now realise the importance of understanding the psychological traits of human behaviour that so frequently create the blockages to settlement. Paul has developed a special expertise in the psychology of disputes, enabling him effectively to train others in this approach, and so provide a valuable insight into the psychological drivers of conflict. The psychotherapeutic approach is a practical and highly effective model invaluable to all those having to deal with conflict on a regular basis.


Paul is one of the most experienced and skilled mediation trainers in the UK. having trained and accredited well over 1,000 mediators in the UK and in Europe. His training is conducted through the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regent's College, London, as well as through the Slynn Foundation and his Chambers at Field Court.