Paul is widely renowned as an expert speaker on all aspects of mediation and conflict in general.


He has been a key speaker at a large number of leading conferences all over the world. As well as being in demand for speaking at conferences aimed just at mediators. Paul has built a reputation for lively, amusing and informative talks and presentations given to a wide variety of audiences, including United Nations NGO's, Chambers of Commerce,Charities, Government institutions and Ministers, to CEO's and HR departments of large corporations,and also to schools and higher education institutions.


The topics covered range from basic awareness about mediation and what mediation involves, to more specific aspects of the practical implementation of mediation in dispute resolution across a broad variety of industries.


A special feature of his presentations is the psychology of conflict - whether conflict avoidance, conflict management, or conflict resolution. Paul intrigues audiences by explaining how and why parties become involved in conflict situations, and demonstrating how the unique psychotherapeutic and psychological approach he adopts can achieve better outcomes and more valuable benefits,both economically and socially, whether for individuals, companies or other institutions,. PowerPoint slides and literature relating to Conferences and seminars may be available on request.


To find out more information about having Paul speak at your event please contact him or his clerk.