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Trump and the Italian prime minister may have a point in trying to bring Russia into the Club. From a negotiation/mediation perspective, it is utterly futile to exclude the opposing side from the table or process. If one group wishes to be heard, the effective way is to demonstrate that they are willing - indeed eager – to truly listen to the other group. Megaphone diplomacy is counterproductive. Your Leader (June 9) is right in many ways: the World is in flux, and Trump's shift from Western values promoted as ever superior, to advocating Global values as more inclusive, may reduce the numbers of 'them-and-us' confrontations.  Opposing visions, concepts and justifications are most successfully exchanged, explained and clarified in a 'conducive and safe' environment ('safe' from disproportionate critical attack).  Mediation models aim to create just such a setting.


Paul Randolph

Mediation Course Leader, Regent's University School of Psychology and Psychotherapy


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