Paul, both by himself and through his Chambers, is able to provide a comprehensive mediation service to all parties in dispute. This ranges from informing parties about the mediation process and its benefits so as to 'get them to the table', as well as easing their path through the process to

a satisfactory settlement.


Parties to a mediation often find it difficult to agree a neutral and mutually acceptable venue for the process. Paul is able to offer excellent rooms and mediation facilities in his Chambers at Field Court Chambers, Gray's Inn, London WC1R 5EF. These will provide a safe and neutral environment in the historic surroundings of one of the Inns of Court.


Alternatively specialist accommodation can be arranged within one of the other Inns, or elsewhere.


Costs for rooms in chambers will be in the region of £300 for a half-day and £550 (both plus VAT) for one full day's mediation. This is based upon a two-party mediation, requiring one room for each of the parties.


The cost includes refreshments throughout the mediation and sandwiches if required, together with the use of the telephone, fax, and photocopier. Broadband wi-fi connection for laptops is also available.


To book a mediation or reserve the rooms contact the Clerks here