Paul Randolph


Legal 500 Who's Who in the Law (2006):

"Recommended for mediation"




"He's clever, rational and articulate. With immense patience and perseverance he secured a settlement we thought was impossible to achieve."


CP, Solicitor.


"The claim against my client was successfully resolved by an agreed payment, a good deal less than my client had been advised to expect after a court battle. Mr Randolph's particular strengths were brough into play. Those are (1) extreme patience (2) a very fine legal mind, mastering complex issues quickly and getting to the heart of the matter, focussing on the principal issues (3) a complete absence of "side" and ability to talk to ordinary people in their own language (4) a convincing aura of fairness with no hint of taking sides, at the same time drawing participants' attention to potential weaknesses in their case. The client was extremely satisfied".


J.A. Solicitor




"Paul Randolph brought the mediation course eloquently and vividly to life, with humour as well as a wealth of past experience".


L.H. HR Director




"I put into practice the techniques which I learned from you - they worked like a charm and we were able to reach a settlement. Despite being a bitter and bitterly entrenched dispute, the application of your techniques made it feel like one of the easiest mediations I have ever done. So thank you. I am definitely a convert and will adopt that approach in future whenever I can".


A.I. (Mediator)